Tercecret, luxury fine box and cabinet with secrets
The House Tercecret, Cabinets and furniture secrets...

The Tercecret House located in the South West of the France is dedicated to design and manufacture wood case as well as the top furniture range. The unique signature is the secret, it means that a stolen drawer, or a double bottom is hidden and left to the discretion of the purchaser. & nbsp; & nbsp; After more than 15 years of experience in the Cabinet of art whose a course within the Guild, Pierre Marchal, the founder of the House appreciates this mechanical and wonder created beyond his accomplishments by writing a story, your story, behind the plot. & nbsp; These are professional and human values in line with the approach of 'slow made' with all this international recognition of french craftsmanship that allow the home Tercecret to propose unique creations or in small series to the privileged few. For any project, the House spends a lot of time. Thus, Pierre M., passionate about talent, realizes as well furniture for aviation and for the yacht but above all the cases for your passions. All creations are made in France, by hand, in a quiet workshop and withdrawal to keep all the discretion. Also, this art of noble wood is nothing without the sheath: creations rely to of the shagreen, parchment, and many other materials, such as gold leaf, Hairspray etc. When the project requires a specific job with another trade, Pierre M. collaborates with artisans of art. Since its launch in 2014, Tercecret has been awarded among others the manufacture of coffee for a yacht in Monaco three tables, the creation of a setting akin to the Fabergé egg fully wrapped Stingray for a jeweller in Paris, but also creations for watches, sweet as for example with the Lheraud family creator of Cognac. There is no limit in the creation as Tercecret also directed a trunk dedicated to the utensils of maintenance of the shoes to the shine of the Festival de Cannes. Another specialty of the House is the manufacture's cigar cellars, already submitted to the Traveller Club in Paris and recognized by the big vitolas club "for a handful of cigars", because the quality and ethics of the materials used is a guarantee of conservation. & nbsp; Some awards, such as the appointment to the "talent of luxury" in 2015, are already a recognition. Anxious to exchange with its customers, Pierre M., already applied in Switzerland, moves in France upon request. His creations are aimed at individuals and professionals, for the pleasure to offer or afford a pleasure. Create with you a project that is yours, even the craziest, is an experience to live with the founder. Ask him, he will answer you... with passion. 
when in 2013 Pierre Marchal creates Tercecret, it is to focus all its know-how into small tailor-made objects: cabinets. Creations mingling traditional materials with contemporary materials... Closets, trunks, boxes of all sizes whether they contain the most beautiful secrets have no secrets for our coffretier. The luxury and the creation Centre distinguishes, accompanies and rewards the best creators who are the nourishing SAP workshops and luxury companies. & nbsp; «Put the creation at the centre of the luxury, because it is the engine of its renewal, such is the credo of the Centre that delivers, every year, luxury and creative talent» & nbsp; These are the most prestigious awards attributed to creators and managers, which are distinguished by the excellence of their know-how and the remarkable nature of their approach. & nbsp; Talents are addressed to all the professions of luxury: fashion, accessories, design, architecture, gastronomy, hotels, garden art, automotive, perfumery, cosmetics, crafts art... & nbsp; Twelve Talents are delivered each year: & nbsp; Nine embody the values of luxury: Audacity, well-being, elegance, harmony, innovation, invention, originality, rarity and seduction. & nbsp; In addition the Talent of Management, the footprint of the year, for a work that marks his time and Talent of gold. A special prize of the jury can distinguish the set of a work. & nbsp; & nbsp; Exceptional communication as much as development platform, the Talents of luxury and the creation confer to their holders a reputation and international recognition of very high rank and are delivered at an annual Gala, event of luxury.
Pierre MARCHAL is a Frenchman behind Tercecret. A new manufacturer of custom furniture and specialized cabinetry (humidors, watch box and the like). A fourth generation craftman (His great father built sewing kits), Marchal has a long been obsessed with making secret cabinets for favoring treasures. He studied cabinetmaking in the region of “les Vosges” in eastern France and apprenticed with ateliers spezializing il luxury materials, like fine hardwoods, metal and skins. In 2013, he opened his own atelier near Bordeaux, creating a home base for projects that range from designing furniture for homes or yachts, like the table (right) make for a boat in Monaco, to crafting individual jewelry boxes. Tell him your dreams, and Pierre will make them real. Tercecret.com.
Pierre MARCHAL of the Tercecret House, opens the doors of his workshop 
Beard for three days, the pousšiereuses hands, fingers extended, PierreMarchal works wood from toddler, inspired by his grandfathers of carpenters fans and his grandfather, who manufactured cigar cellars. Pierre Marchal embarks on a formation of cabinetmaker. At 18 he deviant companion of the tour de France. He is then admitted to the Fondation de Coubertin, forming the young craftsmen at the taste of perfectionism. A trait which are evident in Pierre. Even if this Coffretier is sometimes a little embarrassed, it is on of luiet never leaves nothing to chance. His speech to the image of his work, is worked to perfection. "I want to enhance the quality of my art, woodworking, and respect him." 
Pierre has no favorite wood species. He loves them all, as the Lebanon cedar, and its smell of lemon, Rio rosewood and its sweet smell. But what he loves the most is to create cigar cellars. "Build such an object, it is a lot of technique because cigars permeate the smell of wood which keeps." For the moment he has made to a box for the plub for a handful of cigars (P1P2C). His goal is to make this art the major part of the activity of his Studio. 
After trainer in cabinetmaking, editor for an encyclopedia of carpentry, in charge of mission in woodworking firms, Pierre decided to his account. In 2014 it launches its brand of chests and trunks of luxury: the House Tercecret. 
There also everything is reflected. As the name of the UAI mark mixes words "Earth, secret and create" its way to create "I take time to meet with all my clients," insists Pierre who collaborates with jewellers, a distillery cognac and individuals. For him it is necessary to make contact, to think together, to achieve a perfect art object. "My niche is"slow made". Stone takes the time indeed to make each of his works. It creates for the customer with him. "Back it allows me to live my art". 
For example Mr Vallera, the shine of the Cannes Festival, commissioned him a trunk. But by any. This chest measures approx 1.50metre in height and contains a cellar in cognac, a cigar cellar and a space reserve waxing equipment. Its box lives in Cannes with Mr Vallera. 
All creations "have a history". It is designing are "intimate spaces that contain secrets". At this time he concocts a showcase for a marriage proposal. One side there will be the demand on paper; the other a flower. The future will be able to push a secret drawer in which will be the alliance. It is this kind of surprise loves Pierre Marchal. He has a passion for secrets and his discovery that lies in all of its objects, up to "Harlequin", his Toolbox on wheels that hides certainly full of trade secrets in its multiple drawers.
Tercecret is a young House founded by art coffretier Pierre Marchal. It offers lovers of sumptuous creations to enclose, protect or highlight objects that are dear to them. Firms, trunks, boxes of all sizes, all the achievements are unique, tailor-made and executed entirely by hand. & nbsp; The story of creation begins with a meeting, the craftsman and the client. It may be followed by several others to determine the appearance of the box, contents, mechanisms... The design can be extended so a few hours to several weeks before finding the perfect shape that will correspond with the universe of the client. Then everything will be done by hand, by Pierre Marchal course but also by craftsmen specialized if necessary (in leather for example), nothing is too luxurious for a Tercecret box. And to tell you the attachment of the artisan at the beautiful book, he has already refused a command for which the sponsor required a type of engineered wood material that Pierre Marchal felt not enough durable in time for the planned use! & nbsp; As a child, cannot refrain from playing with the 'secret' of the Cabinet... & nbsp; I long could manipulate a boxed set beautifully evoking the marine universe. Solid wood, this unique achievement skilfully blends tradition with a veneer mahogany on top and the modernity of a cutting Corian evoking a wave. All houses a location for a collector's watch and a platform suede accommodating two pens. Of course, there is a secret compartment that I not unveil you! The Cabinet, which has requested more than two full weeks of production (between preparation time and successive collage) and costs about € 2.800 me dazzled in his technical mastery hidden behind its apparent simplicity. An indisputably admirable piece! & nbsp; This passion for the cabinets comes from afar, since Pierre Marchal was able, child, handle boxes manufactured by his grandparents. After studying cabinetmaking, he embarks on the Guild through which he has shared for seven years many great craftsmen cabinet-makers. Above all, it is at the corner of one of these meetings that Pierre Marchal has manufactured her first 'secret': a cache in a library. Having card blanche, he could design an ingenious device which, by turning an element of decor, open secret location. The client not cru not his eyes and Pierre Marchal su that he had found his vocation... & nbsp; One last word to close this article on the man behind the brand. Naturally humble and discreet, the artisan did not eponymous brand because he does not want to attract the lights on him but on his creations. By choosing not to monopolize all the credit it places on an equal footing his work and that of potential other artisans (leather for example). Pierre Marchal is part of these artisans passionate, talented and eager meetings. Although he defines as someone in reserve, it is particularly friendly and his passion is very communicative! And when asked what he prefers in his profession he responds that it is to see a customer's eye shine to the discovery of the 'secret' of his latest creation. You have understood, Tercecret behind a craftsman very French Elegance. & nbsp; Very strong Emotion: With Tercecret, everything is elegant, since the name designed as a palindrome rhyming with secret (the one locked in the Cabinet?) until the music videos of the site, for which Pierre Marchal personally chose the beautiful melodies of Eric Satie.
Tercecret, from the name of a palindrome through which we could mention several meaning varied... Tercecret refers to a land, a journey, time and patience, but also something more personal, intimate possession, tracking and protected by silence agenda. A world of secret nestled in the heart of know-how ancestral. & nbsp; Tercecret, it is a unique craftsmanship in the art of the coffretier. Its highest quality is to highlight our objects and most valuable assets. Cabinets which transport us beyond eras in inviting us to travel. & nbsp; This art was born from the work of its founder, Pierre Marchal and his passion for the hiding places and secret corners where he could put in place course carefully wrapped objects. After a tour of France, strong meetings and learning, it accesses the title of master cabinetmaker. After having worked for large houses, he wishes to put forward more legitimate letters of nobilities of his profession of coffretier and thus created the Tercecret brand in 2013. & nbsp; The concept of the secret lies probably in the secret itself. It must be known that of one who thinks and created and for which it is intended. Thus, the mechanisms of this furniture appear little or no plans. But the notion of secrecy has always existed. Each cabinet meets your simplest desires as the largest, and reconciles the passions because the brand philosophy is that by giving them a creation, it is we who give a value to Tercecret, and making us it more beautiful and more noble. & nbsp; Whether it's a unit manufacture or in limited editions, Tercecret defends the values of craftsmanship: the service, innovation, know-how. To ensure the authenticity of manufacture, each Cabinet, marked with a stamp, is recorded in a register and you will be presented with a certificate of guarantee; Traditional technical know-how is perpetuated through manual dexterity but also thanks to the mechanical tool. The grooves, adjustments and finishing are important, the hand is involved in these final steps. Once the Cabinet is finished, the left hand appreciates the object and leaves it to her sister to sign. Tercecret and affixes its stamp, guarantor of the professional and human values that she puts every day in front.