Tercecret, luxury fine box and cabinet with secrets
Pierre Marchal 
Founder of the house Tercecret  

His great grand-father Alphonse M with his brother André M, carpenter sculptor furniture had both already manufactured simple decorated sewing boxes in his spare time and gave their mark. Then it was his grand-father René who created without any skill furniture and humidor.  
Pierre M. was very often told this story when he was younger and became attached to the values of his living heritage. The world of cabinets maker gets his interest.  
Thanks to the literary spirit and the curiosity given by his parents, he would go on discovering himself. 
« When I was a young child, I was looking for little places where I could hide my things, these hidden places which have still been existing. As I became older, this hidden places were more and more ingenious and I started to make packages to protect my goods…I used clocks or frames to put a false-bottomed inside and hide my treasure. During my study on cabinets maker, I Had been going on seeking into the world of caskets that I could make from start to finish. »  
He is captivated by caskets and all kind of secret opening systems. After a journey of several years through different workshops, training as a cabinetmaker has enabled him to participate in many projects within renowned companies and thus perfect his craft culture to finally come back to what intrinsically fascinates him : caskets.
Native of Lorraine in France, Pierre realized his studies near Metz. After completing his last two years of college in a European class, it takes over the Vosges. Attracted by the nobility of the cabinet , he joined the School of "Le haut de Bellieu" to Neufchâteau. His second and his first professional brings him the basics of this business.  
Anxious to improve his knowledge to grow with the business and he began a tour of France with the "Companion of Duty". For seven years , he toured France and abroad. We can cite among others passing the Fondation de Coubertin as Boursier, Finland, Bulgaria etc ...  
His Tour de France , rich in human encounters allows access to a level of skill in woodworking , with sharp and specific training, curiosity and especially the workshops renowned network.  
He then closing this long journey of patience by writing a hundred pages to an encyclopedia of trade while completing his training role with two groups of apprentices . The subject deals with the evolution of furniture in relation to the social environment. Will be discussed politics , changing mores needs , technical , But it does not stop there , it offers through its project staff , a look at what can be become .  
After offering his expertise for large houses, he wishes to return to his childhood passion , caskets. Based on a thesis casket he made the foundation of Coubertin in 2005 , he wanted apportter whole culture of art on these beautiful objects. Making some cabinets parrallel to his journey, he wants to legitimize it by highlighting the coffrettier (casketmaker). TERCECRET the brand was created in 2013.  
Pierre founded a house at Coffretier (casketmaker) sense of the term, which echoes highlight while wishing to wear his mark on contemporary lines with particularity, the integration of secret mechanisms to make it fun and magical. Tercecret, Coffretier of art, fantasy creator.

Founder of the House Tercecret

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