Tercecret, luxury fine box and cabinet with secrets
To create your casket, we engage us to do our best to answer your request. When we meet for the first time, we will draw a first sketch and then conduct a comprehensive study in 3 dimensions of your product and we will help you to choose your materials and colours.  
Our development borrows creativity is then reinforced by the use of technologies such as CAD to refine the project technically. 3D rendering also allows the sketch in hand, to give the body offering views and rendering material.  
It is this dedication to patience, making your project unique. Tercecret defending the noble values ​​of craftsmanship with bespoke then part of a process of time. We put our skills at your service. 
Tercecret can use all sorts of materials such as solid wood or veneer but also shagreen, parchment or leather or more recent as corian.  
We choose metallic accessories such as hinges, locks and other metal part for their aesthetic. We can make them to measure or cover them with a layer of chrome or gold.  
We follow each step carefully. We use traditionnal techniques as mechanical tools. The fit and finish are important. ; hand involves in this final step. Once the casket finished, The left hand can enjoy it letting her “sister”sign it.